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ManyCam 5.0.5

ManyCam 5.0.5 Free Download

free download

Turn your computer into a live video studio!


ManyCam is free software which allows you to take advantage of your webcam by adding effects on your screen, being connected to different websites with the same cam, and so on. It allows you to use several webcams and audio applications at the same time such as Camfrog, Skype, iChat and YouTube. You can also use it to add funny voice and audio effects, which can change your voice completely. Use it to trick your family and friends or try to impersonate someone else!

ManyCam has the ability to record what’s happening on your screen and share with your friends what you have done. In that way you can use its built-in image-editing software, adding text while you are video-broadcasting live. If you want to teach somebody how to do something from a distance, you can record your desktop and broadcast it live, or save it in your hard drive. Its Screencast function is considered one of the most important ones included in this program.

It allows you to use several webcams and audio applications at the same time, and add funny voice and audio effects

You will be stunned by its PNP option (Picture in Picture). While you are screencasting your desktop, you can include yourself in a smaller window in the same screen. It’s really useful for video presentations and live shows. You can also become a news reporter and record yourself having fun with your friends! As well as all that, you can switch between six different video sources. You can cut a transition or fade it in slowly. ManyCam will turn your computer into a live video production studio!

A great amount of available video and audio effects

ManyCam allows you to download and use lots of video and audio effects. Some of them are completely free to download, and in other cases you will have to pay for them. They are divided into different categories such as Camera Effects, Full Screen Effects, Objects, Face Accessories, Audio, and Holidays. There are more than 8,300 different effects available

These categories are further divided into other subcategories. For example, the first one is divided into Distortions (such as Blur, Squeeze, Shrink, Warp, Bounce and Round Distortion (not advised for people who tend to get dizzy) and Filters (Eve, Old Movie, Psy and Poladoid are the most outstanding ones). There is also a list with the most popular and downloaded effects. It is headed by “Reporter Microphones”, “Afro Hair”, “White Pencil”, “Bounce” and “Underwater”.

ManyCam 5.0.5 Features

ManyCam includes the following features:

  • Use your webcam in different applications at the same time
  • Has the ability to include microphone audio effects
  • Draw in your video window and it will be reflected in your friend’s one
  • Screencast your desktop live, or save it in your hard disk
  • Include any picture in another with its Picture in Picture function (PNP)
  • Switch between different video sources and add transitions
  • Create your own cam effects

If you want to read more about this program, feel free to do so at the developers’ website, here

System Requirements

If you want to get ManyCam, we recommend that you check the system requirements beforehand:

  • Operating system: Windows 2000 or higher
  • CPU: Intel Celeron 2 GHz or compatible
  • RAM: 512 MB

free download


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